ReBoi is a project by James Sargent, After Hot-gluing a Raspberry Pi Zero into his childhood GameBoy Colour during the Covid-19 Pandemic, James decided he would like a better Raspberry-Pi-in-a-gameboy-color.
So he launched a Kickstarter and raised the funds to make a better console, (no hot-glue required) and so ReBoi was born.

The plan is to have several consoles under the ReBoi name, some old console conversions, some consoles made from whole cloth with 3D printing.

Driving this creative process throughout are the rose-tinted childhood memories of the GameBoy era.


James is a weird one, a mechanical and electrical engineer with precisely no formal education in anything. He enjoys the process of making things, despite those things almost always already existing elsewhere.

He lives in London, UK, and works there - but also sometimes, when he is lucky, he gets some work done in Japan.
His Japanese is terrible to non-existant. But he knows a little Python.

His company is called JamFab Ltd