GameBoy Color Mod Kit

A ReBoi Color is a DIY thing you build yourself.  This Mod-Kit only requires basic tools to build a Raspberry Pi right into an old GameBoy Colour.

It was a Kickstarter!

The ReBoi Colour kit was launched on kickstarter at the end of 2023. Check out the Kickstarter video to see - slightly too much- detail on what the product actually is.

A massive thank you goes out to all the backers who gave their financial support to this very niche product.

Pre - Orders

You can now Pre-order the ReBoi Color Kit

The Kickstarter has now ended and the backers will be the first to receive their Kits.

The ReBoi kit will go on sale once production has begun and the Kickstarter backers have all received their kits. This is expected to happen later this year.

If you would like to set and forget, and pre-order your ReBoi kit - exactly as described in the kickstarter - please use the link below.